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1992. MERIDIANA AGRI was born in Matera.
A company that produces and sells feed for farm animals.
The company occupies an area of approximately 15,000 square meters with a raw material storage capacity of approximately 3,000 tons.
Meridiana Agri is placed with great importance on the national livestock feed market thanks to the excellent quality of raw materials, the high technology used in the production process and the use of latest generation systems.

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We export to 40 countries
Data updated to 2023

We export to 40 countries
Data updated to 2023

In 2013, thanks to the experience gained in the livestock sector, VINCENT Pet Food Evolution was born, a new production line of dry pet food.
FIDOG and MYCAT are the first 2 lines of dry food for dogs and cats of all breeds, designed to meet every specific need and created in collaboration with nutritionist veterinarians and selected dog breeders.
In 2017 the premium line VINCENT DIET was born, inspired by the principles of the Mediterranean Diet, and the following year VINCENT LIFE, to give well-being and love to our 4-legged friends.
In 2021, 8 years later, VINCENT exports to 40 countries.

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In the same year, construction works began on a new factory with 2 production lines.
triple production, always guaranteeing high quality standards, and complete the range of food for dogs and cats, including wet food, snacks and superfoods.
In 2022 VICENT installs a 582 kW rooftop photovoltaic system that will reduce annual CO2 emissions by approximately 358 tons.
Our commitment to the ecological transition to make VINCENT’s low environmental impact production system in line with the goals set by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.
In 2023 the superpremium line Vincent Uno was born, the mediterranean monoprotein dry food.


A better life for all pets is our vision.
Pets are considered real family members and it is increasingly evident that their role in the community is also growing in importance.
Most pet owners are aware of the fundamental function that nutrition has for the health and well-being of their furry companions. However, producing quality food is not enough.
The most important bet to win is to ensure quality food for all pets.
This will only be possible if all the players in the food chain (suppliers, producers and distributors) are committed to ensuring fair and accessible costs for all.
A better life for our faithful friends means a better life for all of us.


Pets come first is our mission.
Protecting the well-being and health of our 4-legged friends for us means guaranteeing a healthy and balanced diet. For this reason we select the highest quality raw materials that are subjected to strict controls to protect hygiene and food safety and we make sure that the formulas used in the production processes, the processing phases and the finished products comply with the guidelines established by Fediaf (European Pet Food Industry Federation) for the nutrition of dogs and cats.

“Animals and environment protection
is everyone’s responsibility.”

(Art. 9 - Constitution of Italy)

“Animals and environment protection is everyone’s responsibility.”

(Art. 9 - Constitution of Italy)

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